Grey Go away bird

Arriving early at Jo’burg airport after an overnight flight we were met by our guide, Dylan Vasapoli and taken nearby to Outlook Lodge where we had time to wash and change. Then off to a nearby reserve, Korsmans Bird Sanctuary. This reserve is in the middle of an enclosed housing area and comprises a lake, grasslands and reed beds. Home to a large number of birds we spent two hours walking a few hundred meters and found 47 species, plus one, but more of that later.
Always a wonderful sight is the Grey Go-away bird, but more difficult to see were the Lesser Swamp Warbler, Black Crake, Little Bittern, Green Wood Hoopoe, Red-knobbed Coot, Thick-billed Weaver, and Red-headed Finch.
Also, in the Reserve were Goliath Heron, Swainson’s Spurfowl, Spur-winged and Egyptian Geese, Greater Flamingo, Intermediate Egret and many others.
The contentious bird was a Black Swan. A pair were nesting in the Reserve, but they are not indigenous and not included in the accepted list of South African birds. Nevertheless they were present and breeding.
We then went a short drive to Eikenhot, about 30 kms from Jo’burg. A grassland area with rolling Acacia hills. Here we had Brown-backed Honeybird, Desert and Cloud Cisticola, Quail Finch, Spike-heeled Lark, Wattled Lapwing, Reed Warbler and Orange-breasted Waxbill.
We were grateful to get back to our Lodge for an early night.

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