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The Serranía de Ronda and the Sierra de Grazalema are arguably amongst the most important areas for wildlife in Spain. The diversity of habitats makes the area a natural wonder for all who are fortunate enough to gaze upon its obvious beauty and splendour. The diversity of habitats is reflected by an equal and staggering diversity in the area’s wildlife. Parque Naturals Sierra de las Nieves and Sierra de Grazalema are two major national parks, both declared UNESCO Biosphere reserves, and are contained within our boundaries. The reserves are of international importance. Of course the local variety and the list of rare birds using the area are now world renowned. Whatever the time of year, then the area is a ‘must’ visit location for all who appreciate birds.Our local day tours are offered to the visitor and these can be for general wildlife, flowers, birds or even simply a tour to view some of the most spectacular and beautiful scenery in Spain. Day tours are also offered to the outlying areas for wetland and steppe species, see our tour options.

Andalucia – Photographers Paradise

Bird photography in spain offers stunning geographical diversity from lush meadows, green valleys, hills and snowy mountains in the Northern regions to almost desert zones in the South. This diversity of landscapes adds to the wealth of interesting and exciting bird species both endemic and migratory. For this tour, completely designed for photographers, we have chosen Andalucía. This is the most southerly province in Spain and one of the last remaining wildernesses in Europe. It is a province rich in wildlife diversity, history and culture from the Phoenicians to the Spanish Civil War. It is the home of flamenco and bull fighting traditions and was the most favoured area in Spain for such characters as Hemingway and Orson Welles. Due to an extremely pleasant climate, its natural beauty, as well as exquisite cuisine, Andalucía is one of the most attractive areas on the Mediterranean.

From Mountains to Wetlands

From the high Sierras to the famous wetlands of the Doñana the whole of this tour is based on our own local guides, using their local knowledge to produce maximum numbers of must-see birds. Along with knowing where the birds are, Spanish Nature has ensured you will also have the time to enjoy them! The timing of the daily trips allows you to relax and enjoy a hectic free and relaxing holiday. The hotels selected are of a very good quality and provide for your comfort and enjoyment. No long walks are scheduled, but plenty of observation stops will be required to get the very best from your visit. Whatever your own level of experience our guides will be there to interpret, assist and make sure you have an unforgettable holiday. 

Raptor Migration and so much more

If you love your raptors, or birds in general, then this holiday is an absolute must. Literally thousands of raptors make the short sea crossing from Europe to Africa using the Strait of Gibraltar corridor. Our tour concentrates on various vantage points, maximising your opportunities for observing breathtaking scenes of migrating raptors, storks and other species, as they gather to cross the mere 12kms of ocean that separates Europe from Africa. Coming from all across Europe and Scandinavia, birds make their way to the southern reaches of Andalucia to congregate and rest, before making the journey to continental Africa. Precisely because of the short sea crossing between the Strait of Gibraltar and Africa so many birds, particularly raptors, choose this area to find their way to their wintering grounds. It is one of the wonders of our natural world and a spectacle you must witness at least once, however, be warned, having seen it, you will be tempted to visit again and again!

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