Nature tours to Asia

Our tours to Asia offer some fantastic opportunities for the birdwatcher and those with an interest in the natural wonders on offer with these holidays. From the highest mountains in the world to wooded foothills, high plateaus and lowland plains, our choices of China and India are able to offer an unparalleled diversity in wildlife and scenery. We also provide options to visit such renowned internationally important heritage sites such as the Taj Mahal, the Terracotta Warriors and many more tour options. Whatever your level of experience, birding these tour destinations will provide an unforgettable holiday and if your partner is less interested in the birds of China and India, then we provide opportunities for relaxing around the areas of our accommodation or excursions to visit nearby cultural sites of interest.

Why not join us on one or both of these great tour opportunities?

Thailand – Birding Wonderland

What a great prospect touring Thailand for birds and not least seeing some truly exceptional and rare species like Spoon-billed Sandpiper, a real sought-after bird and one which we should see on this our most recent addition to Worldwide Birding Tours excursions to the Asia Region. Situated in the Indo-Chinese peninsula of the Oriental Region, Thailand boasts well over 900 species of birds. Around one third of the birds are migrants, although certain species such as Swallow, that are largely migrant, are also resident. Consider the fact that this country boasts almost 10% of the world’s total bird species and then it is very easy to understand why we will be touring to this great destination! There are well over 100 protected areas in the country and they are categorised as national parks, wildlife sanctuaries or non-hunting areas. Some of these have breeding programmes which include breeding of species that are on the endangered list. The infrastructure is such that most of these places are easily accessible by road, train or plane. Why not join us on this great tour?

China a different world

Our tours focus on the province of Sichuan. In the very heart of China, Sichuan Province reaches from the subtropical lowlands of the Red Basin and evergreen foothill forest to alpine meadows and dramatic snow-capped peaks. It is a fabulously bird-rich province with some two thirds of China’s endemic birds found here. Our tour will concentrate on seeing the endemic and near-endemic species, as well as sampling the local cuisine, hospitality and dramatic scenery for which this region is rightly famous. Until relatively recently, the wild mountainous terrain and torrential rivers have combined to keep the province isolated, however today the rich diversity of habitats and a well-developed tourist infrastructure make Sichuan an extremely appealing destination for travelling birders. The experience of China and it’s birdlife should provide all our travelling friends with an unforgettable holiday. Oh, and for good measure, Sichuan holds the largest number of China’s few remaining Giant Panda!

Wonderful India

There is no substitute for experience and ours has led to the tailoring of two very special and consecutive tours to this great wildlife destination. By running consecutive tours we are able to offer a price range to suit most budgets and of course offer two very different experiences for both scenery and wildlife. In fact these two tours are often jointly booked by our many travelling friends. The first tour visits the Himalayan Foothills and descends to the famous Corbett National Park, whilst the second tour takes us south of Delhi and on visits to the Chambal River, the Sarus Crane Trail and the world renowned bird sanctuary of Bharatpur. Of course we do our usual thing of catering for those with a taste for visiting national treasures and can arrange an optional excursion to visit the wonderful sight of the Taj Mahal. We believe our tours to India offer great value and truly marvelous wildlife opportunities, most of all though they are great fun!

Travelling together as friends